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“Paul and Laura, thank you for the Salsa night. It was a great evening and you guys got rave reviews. I was thrilled with the evening.” – Michelle A Smith

Dancing to Create Unforgettable Memories

A party is not a party without dancing. Dance Theme Events makes the difference between a ‘so-so’ party and one that people will talk about for years to come.

The ancient Romans did not need an excuse to throw a party. For them dancing was as important as eating and drinking. These are the events we usually cover but we’re here whatever your reason:

Weddings and Engagements – What better way to bind two families than getting everyone throwing some moves across the dance floor? Line Dancing and Salsa are popular dance themes for these occasions. There will probably be quite a bit of ‘Dad dancing’ going on but we can cope with that. You’ll have such great memories you will want to do it all again a few years later – we do Anniversary Parties too. By the way, if you are a bride or groom worried about that first dance, we offer wedding first dance lessons so your first act as a married couple isn't to make a total fool of yourself.

Birthday & Children Parties – Unlike grown-ups, kids have no inhibitions when it comes to strutting their stuff. Some of the best fun we have had is at kids’ parties especially at pop or cowboy themed parties when they get to dress up as well. Adults sometimes need a bit of help to get moving but it doesn't take long when we are on hand with group dance lessons or themed dancing. Ballroom and pop are popular dances for birthday parties.

Cocktail parties – These can sometimes be a bit lifeless with people standing around making stiff conversation. How about we put on a dance show to add some energy to the room and get people talking? Or, we’ll give group dance lessons, such as Latin dancing or Argentine tango to bring a bit of pizzazz to your event.

River Boat Parties – There is no escape on a boat so there is no excuse not to cruise onto the dance floor and have a good time. It must be something to do with the water but we have had some rollicking evenings on boats. We promise to get your party rocking!

Hen & Bridal Parties – Last night as a single woman? Want to throw off your high heels at the end of the evening having danced your aching feet off with your best pals? Look no further.

Charity Balls – Dance shows are a great way to kick off the evening. A happy and relaxed crowd will make your charity event stand out and help raise more money. We also do dance competitions between guests which charities use to raise money at the event.

You can choose any dance you like for a dance themed party – Line Dancing, Argentine tango, Latin, Disco, Ballroom, Pop or any other style that takes your fancy. We can provide the props, the music and even sound system.

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Find out how we can bring life and soul to your party!

“Life is short and there will always be dirty dishes, so let's dance. – James Howe, Totally Joe

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