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"Thank you so much for the wonderful dancing, you made the event so special!" - Jess and Marie, Paddington Business Improvement District

Who said Business couldn't be Fun?

Dancing is uplifting, energising, and most of all, fun. There is nothing like it to break the ice between work colleagues and clients, and get people smiling.

Bring your corporate event alive or bond your team with

  • Group dance lessons - great for bringing people together
  • A danced themed party - helps people throw off their inhibitions
  • A dance workshop - excellent for staff and team bonding and healthy too
  • A professional dance show - pure entertainment to get people in the mood

Dancing is the perfect way to bring style and enjoyment to your event.

  • Christmas Parties, Annual Dinners, Award Ceremonies – Get everyone on the floor with a group dance lesson and we guarantee that special ‘feel-good factor’. Salsa and tango are popular dances for this even for beginners and people with ‘two left feet’. Or, you could hold a themed party and we will organise the props too.
  • Conferences and Sales Events – Dancing is the quickest way to get people socialising at a business event. Physical interaction breaks down barriers and bonds people at an unconscious level. Salsa and Argentine Tango lessons work brilliantly for this, but you can choose any dance you want.
  • Product Launches – Dance workshops make your product the centre of attention as they engage your audience emotionally. A London based client of ours increased visitor numbers and participation by 32% by using us to do an interactive dance demonstration. We got people on their feet and dancing. As a result, visitors spent more time and got more involved with the event.
  • Exhibitions – Dance lessons on the stand or as a visitor experience attracts more visitors, gets them talking about you and puts your message across in an original and appealing way. There is no doubt about it – entertainment sells.
  • Company Dance Workshops and Team Bonding – Every company wants happy, motivated staff who well work as a team. Dancing is not only enjoyable, it is proven to strengthen memory and develop organisational skills. Nine out of 10 employees who have come to our dance  team buiding workshops thanked their company for coming up with the idea.

Dance Team Events:

  • Tailors your dance event or workshop to suit you. We can do everything from one hour workshops to group dance lessons and shows at conferences and exhibitions.
  • Can arrange dance events for you - the venue, sound system and themed events props. Or, we can come to your venue.
  • Offers fantastic value. Prices start from as little as £250 an hour for group workshops and £25 per head for corporate events.


We can do any type of dance you can think of - Line Dancing, Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Disco, even Cossack dancing!

Please call Paul on 020 7370 5036 or email 

Find out how we can bring life and soul to your party!

"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up dance" - Martha Graham

Click to watch the BNI Christmas Party

Hilton Park Lane Swan Lake Performance

SMW Salsa Evening

Hilton Park Lane Swan Lake Performance