Case Studies

Team Building Event and Staff Entertainment for Risk Management Solutions

Case Study: Risk Management Solutions is a catastrophe risk modelling company with a London office in the City. They had set a date for a four-hour Thames boat party as a team building and entertainment event. We went to see their head of HR to discuss putting on dance at the event.

We found out that their people mainly comprise two teams: IT and mathematicians. There was a great deal of intellectual competition between the two teams. This lead to the teams not talking to each other and communicating by email only. It was creating a lot of issues and problems and was affecting the company's performance.

I suggested having dancing on two floors: Jive on one, Salsa on the other. The impact was instant. People went from one floor to the other, danced with each other and started talking as if they had been friends for a long time. It helped take away the animosity and improved their communication drastically.

Testimonial from client: “Many thanks to you and your wonderful team for providing first class entertainment at our summer party last Friday. Salsa dancing proved very popular with our staff and their partners and Dance Theme Events did an excellent job of teaching and encouraging everyone to participate. Even those who profess not to dance were won over to “give it a try” and join in the fun. I have received many comments of appreciation as everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

I will be delighted to recommend Dance Theme Events to other companies looking for a great way of making their event extra special.”
Margaret Keelan, Risk Management Solutions Limited

Product Launch and Opening Ceremony

Case Study: Paddington Business Improvement District approached us to help raise awareness of a project they were about to start.

With a team of six, we put together a two-day dance theme event in one of the communal gardens near Paddington station with live music and a dance floor.

The company was thrilled with the outcome. Attendance was 32% higher than expected and the people were more aware and engaged in what the group was trying to do to improve the area around Paddington.

Testimonial from client: "Thank you so much for the wonderful dancing. You made the event really special!"Jess and Marie, Paddington Business Improvement District

TV Programme

Case Study: BBC Money Programme approached us to participate in a BBC2 edition of a programme about how different people can meet each other. The programme included several hours of video footage and dance performers. The programme got 1.3 million viewers.

Testimonial from client: “Thank you very much for your help with our programme. I enjoyed my visit to your dance event very much. I thought it was a great night out for single people. We got a decent audience of 1.3 million and some very good write-ups. It was good working with you. You really did grace our film. I wish you all the very best.”Terry, BBC Money Programme

Christmas Party

Case Study: BNI West Hampstead had a fantastic Christmas party where we gave group dance lessons to get everyone on their feet having a great time.

Testimonial from client: "We thank you so much for your great organisational skills and we all had a fantastic dancing instruction, and the wives and partners had a great time. We learned all sorts of moves on Salsa and I am sure in the years to come BNI West Hampstead will appear on the traffic lights as the groove BNI group. Thank you for your custom and we wish you well in years to come and will recommend you where we can."

Private Functions

Case Study: The Rotary Club 
This was a wedding reception for Matthew and Robert which took place at the Rotary Club in central London. There were around 50 guests of family and close friends. Guests were stunned at the first dance performance by the couple, and everyone had a fantastic time.

Case Study: Hilton Park Lane Swan Lake Performance
This was a high profile private function at The London Hilton Park Lane Hotel, for two Nigerian families coming together. They asked for a Swan Lake ballet performance and dance performance. In two and a half weeks, we got together a team and auditioned 40 dancers from which we selected the best 22 and the principle couple. We then arranged a choreographer, ordered the white tutus and costumes for the principle couple, which were made especially in Russia. Imagine the Ballroom at Hilton Park Lane Hotel with massive white dance floor surrounded by 650 guests. It was stunning.

Case Study: Ash Barton Manor House
This was a last minute wedding in the stunning Ash Barton Manor House in North Devon. The couple wanted everyone to dance from the beginning. We got everyone up, taught them the basic steps, and they danced into the small hours of the morning. We mingled with the guests during the evening and taught the more moved and steps to keep them improving.

Testimonial from the client: Thanks for the amazing dance lesson, everyone loved it! - Siobhan and Dave

Case Study: Simon & Julie's 25th Anniversary
The anniversary party took place at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in Kensington, around 80 people attended. It was a disco themed event, complete with a fully lit dance floor. Laura and Paul were there to encourage everyone to get up onto the dance floor, they taught people the basic disco steps to feel confident to stay there.

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Charity Ball

The Queen's Golden Jubilee Ball Committee, The Royal Academy of Arts
Testimonial from client: “Thank you for the fantastic dance class. It was such a bonding experience.”
– Hon. Barbara Thomas, Queen's Golden Jubilee Ball Committee

Client Entertainment and Conference

Case Study: The British Board of Tourism was organising a conference and client entertainment day. The client was a team from the French Board of Tourism with whom they wanted to sign a contract. They wanted to finish the evening with a Charleston themed dinner and dance.

As the evening progressed, there was a lot of tension in the air. On the top the cultural differences and language barriers, things were running late and the French team was getting restless. To overcome this, we suggested an Argentine Tango instead of the Charleston. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. You could visibly see the tension disappear as the two teams started to socialise with each other and genuinely have a great time. They signed the contract.

Testimonial from client: "The dance lesson was a life changing experience. It was such great fun!"British Board of Tourism, Hilton - South West London


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